The Huang Group at The University of Oklahoma
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Group photo of August 31, 2018, from left: Liangliang Huang, Jeremi Puchala, Paul Davies, Trevor Fisher, Bradley Schoen, Megan Zinn, Memo Martin, Ben Johnson, William Box, Sarah Stout , (back standing) Thomas Franke, Andrew Fraser, Mason Klovenski, Mohamed Mehana, Guobing Zhou, Robert Davidson, (front on the bench) Qi Qiao, Erica Luong, Alexis Penny, Tolulade Adedayo

Welcome to Huang Group at School of Chemical, Bological and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma.

Our research focus is on the understanding and predicting, at the molecular level, the behavior of molecules at surfaces and interfaces.

The objectives are:
a. to develop multi-scale simulation methods that bridge between quantum mechanics and atomistic calculations, in order to analyze problems involving simultaneously adsorption, diffusion, and chemical reactions;
b. to apply the multi-scale simulation methods and the surface/interface characterization experiments to study biosensor, catalytic reactions, drug delivery, novel nanocomposite materials, toxic species removal, among others.